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Note to star f@ckers: do NOT hook up with a celebrity and do this

In godawful date news…

Noted British recording artist MNEK took celebrity hook-up problems to a new level this week after a potential date started tweeting about their proposed liaison.

MNEK had met the man online, and after chatting, noticed that said guy had started tweeting to his followers: “A famous singer wants to hook up with me but isn’t cute. Do I do it just to say I did?”

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In his own masterstroke of social media, MNEK then screen captured the tweet and posted it to his Instagram account along with the caption “Take ten guesses who the lucky famous singer was?????” The call-out was later shared to GSN. No doubt MNEK’s 85,000 followers had something to say about that, especially since the singer also included the Twitter handle of his date. He’s since changed his username.

Later, MNEK took to Instagram to offer his own thoughts on the exchange. “You could argue that I should be more careful,” he wrote over his posted picture, “with who I hook up with because I’m somewhat of a public figure. But as a single young man, I gotta get my fix somehow. Can’t f@ck in fear lol pls. Some men are trash and that’s OK. I will continue to document my ups and downs as a young ‘famous’ gay still figuring out boys and relationships. And even if they don’t end up as the man of my dreams they end up being great social media content.”

For the record, we think he should use that statement in an upcoming song.