Noted transphobe Tomi Lahren rushes to defend Caitlyn Jenner. Huh?

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Amid Caitlyn Jenner’s disastrous appearance at CPAC this weekend, in which attendees heckled and deadnamed her, Jenner has suddenly found an unlikely defender: transphobic pundit Tomi Lahren.

Jenner, 71, attended CPAC as part of her ongoing campaign to unseat California Governor Gavin Newsom in a recall election this September. While attending the conference, a YouTube user chased Jenner down in the hall of the Dallas Hilton Anatole Hotel, shouting transphobic rhetoric. The user, identified as “The Black Conservative Preacher,” also shouted questions about Jesus, and referred to Jenner by her deadname.

Now, perhaps in an attempt to prove the addadge that politics creates strange bedfellows, Jenner has earned an unlikely defender in Tomi Lahren. Lahren took to Twitter on July 11 to condemn the treatment of Jenner at CPAC.

“The attacks on @Caitlyn_Jenner are despicable,” Lahren tweeted. “I’ll go to bat for her every single time and if you want to take my ‘conservative’ card for it, take it and shove it. Your mob is no better than the Left’s and in fact, it’s uglier.”

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Notice how Lahren couldn’t resist the chance to take a dig at the Left, which has long advocated for transgender rights.

Lahren’s words also strike a stark contrast with previous statements she’s made about transgender people. In May 2019, Lahren attacked a commercial for Gillette shaving products which featured a transgender teen.

The new @Gillette ad features a transgender boy shaving for the first time. It’s a little much to normalize and promote high-school-aged kids undergoing hormone therapy and gender reassignment. Don’t ya think?” Lahren tweeted at the time.

Previous to that, Lahren had also supported Donald Trump’s ban on transgender troops in the US military and supported the reversal of Obama-era policies which protected transgender students in schools. 

This also is not the first time Lahren has made somewhat controdictary statements regarding queer rights. She previously had criticized President Barack Obama for mentioning marriage equality in a speech, but then endorsed marriage equality herself. She also attacked the Affordable Care Act (also known as Obamacare) before admitting that she took advantage of the law by staying on her parents’ health insurance.