Nothing Fowl About This Pink Pair

Pink Flamingos

File under: Adorable news out of England. Carlos and Fernando, strapping young chaps from the town of Gloucestershire, have been together five years and have a few adopted children of their own. Fabulous? Yes, and all the more so since these guys are pink through and through.

Britain’s only gay flamingos Carlos and Fernando, are celebrating their fifth anniversary together with their adopted children at Slimbridge Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust in Gloucestershire.

The pair surprised staff at the wildlife park after they came out five years ago and began to engage in a series of complex mating rituals. The pink birds have been inseparable ever since and have even raised chicks together after they stole eggs from neighbouring straight couples.

The article goes on to say how Carlos and Fernando are a model couple, lasting a whopping five years (longer than Brad and Jen!) and are the envy of the straight flamingo world. We do have one quarrel, though. The article says they are “Britain’s only gay flamingos,” a fact we find hard to believe. C’mon, just look at what they’re wearing. The whole lot of ‘em is gay as can be.

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