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Now Angelina Jolie Is Forcing Shiloh To Be a Tomboy?

Over the summer the tabloid magazine Life & Style slapped Angelina Jolie’s daughter Shiloh on the cover with the headline “Why Is Angelina Turning Shiloh Into A Boy?” The reaction was swift: A stylist who gave a quote to the magazine claims her words were twisted and GLAAD got all upset. Then Angelina herself spoke publicly about her daughter’s gender expression and said she had no problem with how Shiloh chose to dress, act, or what toys she played with. But now Life & Style is back, saying Shiloh is being forced into her tomboy ways. Ugh.

Shiloh, 4, is a prisoner to her mother’s way of dressing her, claim “insiders.”

While Angelina Jolie has always insisted she has nothing to do with daughter Shiloh’s controversial boyish behavior, insiders close to the family tell Life & Style that Angelina’s actually the one dressing Shiloh like a tomboy. “She’s been dressing Shiloh in her older brother Maddox’s hand-me-downs, including making her wear boys’ boxer shorts, for years,” the insider tells Life & Style.

“It definitely doesn’t look like she dressed herself,” Children’s stylist Zoey Washington tells Life & Style, referring to Shiloh’s trendy ensemble on Sept. 14 at LAX–an Old Navy Pique Polo boys’ top, shorts brother Maddox wore in 2007 and unlaced combat boots. “Maybe her mom had her stylist throw the look together.”

“Angelina has an idea that each child should have a specific personality that she picked out for them practically at birth,” the insider says. “She’s the tomboy.” In fact, she even gave her daughter a boy’s name. Of Hebrew origin, Shiloh has meanings including “his gift” and “he who is to be sent” and is traditionally used for boys. And she’s come to prefer boys’ names: Shiloh asks to be called John or Peter, Brad once revealed. And a second insider tells Life & Style she’s added the name Gregory to her list.

Oh please. Even Suri Cruise, the epitome of lady-like toddler dress, does not actually pick out all of her own clothes. But she, like any child, knows what she likes to wear. And Shiloh Jolie-Pitt, if she is not some zombie creature bestowed upon the earth by the celebrity-making power of Xenu, is likely the same way.

For what it’s worth, Life & Style is a magazine headed up by a newly married gay man.

The cover from the summer:

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  • kityglitr

    I know 4 or 5 women named Shiloh. It’s very common in the South. I have NEVER met a dude with that name.

  • j

    Notice how for siloh as a “girl” they have a glamorous, high def pic and as a “boy” she looks like shes been snapped on a grainy webcam from ten years ago. Coincidence?

  • jason

    If Life and Style is headed by an openly gay man, that gay man ought to be ashamed of himself. I am fed up with gay men pandering to homophobia, promoting homophobia, and treating women in a sexist, sleazy fashion.

    Gay men in the media need to stop reinforcing gender stereotypes.

  • Pip

    Shiloh obviously just wants to look like her dad.

  • Jouin

    ‘Is she harming her daughter?’, that provocative, tendentious biased title alone deserves a call for a public LifeandStyle burning. Fuck you tabloid media and people who buy that useless shit.

  • Jared Alessandroni

    It is sad that we even live in a world where it looks like you’re turning your girl into a boy if you provide her with boxers, but it’s not a problem if you’re turning your boy into a killer by providing him with a gun and a GI Joe. As an aside, I have to ask – are the Jolie-Pitts hard-up for money? The phrase hand-me-down in a family that could pop into Walmart and BUY that Walmart just seems… funny. That being said, kids do what they want. If you’ve ever had to get a kid dressed, you know that even by three, even if you’re literally putting arms in sleeves, they still have a strong opinion about what they want – and I’m glad that Angelina, who could just say, no, wear a dress today so the media will shut up, is so cool about letting her daughter wear what works for her.

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