Now Charlie Crist Says He Supports Marriage Equality

Charlie Crist is done evolving. The former governor of Florida says on his Facebook page that he now supports marriage equality.

“Some great news: On Tuesday, Delaware became the 11th state to allow marriage equality,” Crist wrote. “And just a few days ago, Rhode Island adopted a similar measure, which followed victories last fall in Maine, Maryland and Washington. I most certainly support marriage equality in Florida and look forward to the day it happens here.”

This is a far cry from the Charlie Crist who as governor signed a petition in 2006 calling for a state constitutional ban on same-sex marriages. In December,  Crist said he was kinda sorry about that. Of course, given the persistent rumors about his own inclinations, Crist probably felt the need to prove his manhood to the Republican party base.

Of course, Crist isn’t a Republican any more. But he is still a politician, and one who hopes to return to office, this time as a Democrat. And the Democratic winds are blowing in favor of marriage equality. If we’ve learned nothing about Crist, we know that he blows — with the wind, that is.

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  • Cam

    Crist would only change his mind for two reasons…

    1. The closet case has finally decided to get married.

    2. It is politically and financially good for him to change his opinion.

    You decide.

    Still he is 20 times better at this point than that nightmare Tea Party maniac Rick Scott so if the race is between those two I hope Crist wins.

  • jerbear

    He’s an opportunistic fuckwit who will change his position depending upon the current popular issue. He has no morals, actively fought against our rights, and is a closet power bottom. I’m embarrassed for him. He’ll have burned all bridges soon, then will have to bow out of political life ‘to focus on his family.’ ASSHOLE!

  • balehead

    So he finally figured how to make money from this??….

  • balehead

    Closet cases are so evil and sad….

  • hrnpip

    @balehead: They’re not all evil, but they are all sad.

  • fernmayo

    Closet Case Charlie is an opportunist if there ever was one. I really hope the Democrats in Florida find someone better than this loser to nominate in 2014.

  • fernmayo

    @Cam: Rick Scott won even survive the Republican primary next year. The young and handsome Will Weatherford will most likely challenge him and win.

  • jwrappaport

    What a shameless opportunist with not an ounce of integrity. I wish him nothing but bitter failure in his political career.

  • Elloreigh

    Pfft. < That pretty well sums it up.

  • LandStander

    I’m kind of sick of all these people claiming to “evolve” on gay rights now that they see the writing on the wall. Hopefully, people will not forget the vitriol spewed by all of these douchebags just a few years ago.

  • Merv

    What is the incentive for our opponents to change their minds if we treat them like crap when they do?

  • jwrappaport

    @Merv: Incentives for supporting gay rights other than currying favor with the gays: seeing justice prevail, doing equity, exercising compassion, adopting the only rational position – those seem pretty compelling to me.

    It’s not as though our opponents would suddenly be less inclined to change their minds if they knew we’d be skeptical of their move. It’s not as though we treat them like crap, it’s that we know crap when we smell it, and Charlie reeks of it.

  • LadyL

    @jerbear: What “family” would that be? lol

  • banff

    This would have been a lot better for us you and I Charlie if you’d stepped out and said this when you were the Gov; from that position, you could take on the forces of hate in FL and at least condemned their hatefulness and explained how bad their attitudes was are for FL and for our Country. Still, nice to have you on board. Coming Out is the next step in the ‘evolution.’

  • Cam


    Because he didn’t “Change his mind” he is a gay man who was voting against gay rights for the sake of his job. When the job requirements changed he claimed to “Evolve”.

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