Now Charlie Crist Says He Supports Marriage Equality

Charlie Crist is done evolving. The former governor of Florida says on his Facebook page that he now supports marriage equality.

“Some great news: On Tuesday, Delaware became the 11th state to allow marriage equality,” Crist wrote. “And just a few days ago, Rhode Island adopted a similar measure, which followed victories last fall in Maine, Maryland and Washington. I most certainly support marriage equality in Florida and look forward to the day it happens here.”

This is a far cry from the Charlie Crist who as governor signed a petition in 2006 calling for a state constitutional ban on same-sex marriages. In December,  Crist said he was kinda sorry about that. Of course, given the persistent rumors about his own inclinations, Crist probably felt the need to prove his manhood to the Republican party base.

Of course, Crist isn’t a Republican any more. But he is still a politician, and one who hopes to return to office, this time as a Democrat. And the Democratic winds are blowing in favor of marriage equality. If we’ve learned nothing about Crist, we know that he blows — with the wind, that is.