Now For What Really Matters: Which Republican Candidate Has The Sexiest Son?

In case you were in danger of forgetting how undecided voters make their decision during this very emotional Republican primary season, refer back to the September 2004 Zogby/Williams Identity poll, in which 57 percent said they’d rather have a beer with George W. Bush than John Kerry.

How can you say you’d want to have a beer with a man when he doesn’t even drink alcohol? You’re going to have an O’Doul’s with him? Oh boy!

Perhaps a better way to determine who’s a worthier candidate is just to see who has the hottest son. Considering that we  already care if our president is a certain height and that his body is in a certain shape, shouldn’t it matter if he’s got the sexy gene as well?

In honor of the New Hampshire primary today, we took a look at the sons of the Republican presidential nominees and gauged their hotness. It’s not a complete list—some scions are under age; others, like Herman Cain’s son, Vincent, have remained too deep in the shadows for us to find a decent photo. And poor Newt Gingrich only has two daughters (from the first wife he cheated on), so he can’t be considered a contender in this little beauty contest. But the prolific loins of Santorum, Paul, Perry, Romney and even Huntsman (whose son, Will, is in the photo above) have produced some serious studs.

We might not be able to stop these men as they bash us all the way to November but by objectifying them and their progeny, we can take a little air out of their balloons.

Click through for a slideshow of some of the GOP nominees’ sons that a less respectful writer might refer to as, ahem, “extremely bangable.”

Image via Jon Huntsman