Now For What Really Matters: Which Republican Candidate Has The Sexiest Son?

Like Huntsman, Rick Santorum also has seven kids, though four of Santorum’s are boys. But since Patrick is only 10, Peter is only 12, and Daniel is only 16, we can really only look at Rick Jr, who’s 18.

Looking at the family photo above, I’m assuming Rick Jr. is the one who is…

You know what? let’s just leave Rick Jr. alone. I don’t usually have anything nice to say when it relates to the vehemently anti-gay Santorum, but it would be unfair to call out his  kids for being less than supermodel status, especially since they’ve probably been forcefully indoctrinated to hate my gay guts as much as their old man does.

Looking at his dad, though—and doesn’t Papa Santorum look like a slightly more handsome and tanner version of Pee Wee Herman?—that double thumbs up he’s giving in this shot really calls attention to his big, meaty paws. Will you get a load of those manly mitts?

And speaking of Mitt…

Image via Rick Santorum for President