Now Let’s Watch The Leffew Family Open All Their Christmas Presents

Now that Bryan, Jay, Danielle, and Selena are done opening all the presents you sent, it’s time to see what Santa brought them! The adorably prone-to-sharing California family uploaded a quarter hour of gift porn, which includes bicycles, markers, watches, light sabers, (learning) computers — and some doo-dads for the parental units as well. What did you unwrap over the weekend?

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  • Bobert

    What a Great Family! The kids are well-behaved and the dads are cute!

  • FluffyInDrag

    So cute! But you’ve misspelled Daniel’s name. Shame on you, not editing! SHAME!

  • i_dunno_but...

    That TURIN image on the wall is truly appropriate material for young children… just sayin’

  • Joe

    Yes, even LGBT families should indulge in plastic garbage made in China. Truly, they are like everyone else.

    Looks like a kind, nice, decent family.

    However, I do not think that the one poster of the scantily clad me is either classy or appropriate. It reminds me of a poster that someone would have in a college dorm.

    In it’s stead, put up something more family appropriate.

  • gayfamilyvalues

    well…the image on the wall is actually a replica of a world’s fair poster for Turin in 1911. No genitalia is exposed and these figures have all the sexuall impact of your average Ken doll. No kid is going to an eyefull of anything they shouldn’t see from that poster.

    And while we are on the subject. We do not teach our kids to be afraid of the human body. We make sure that what our kids see is age appropriate but we also have the belief that if we don’t give them any reason to see the human body as shamefull…then just perhaps they will grow up to be happy, well adjusted adults with a healthy relationship to their own bodies.

    …just sayin’

  • chris

    Gayfamilyvalues 1
    Joe 0

  • john

    I have to admit to having watched the video twice and I never noticed the poster. I was too busy enjoying the vicarious thrill of watching these lovely people enjoy Christmas.

  • Garrett

    Thanks for sharing part of your Christmas with us all…

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