Now LGBT Youth Can Hear “It Gets Better” From A Kitchen Appliance Manufacturer

Yes, it’s important to share stories of overcoming adversity and all that jazz. But can you imagine any child turning to The Whirlpool Corporation‘s “It Gets Better” video for reassurance, strength and encouragement?

We get that Whirpool has a 100 on the Human Rights Campaign’s corporate equality index, but at least with the IGB videos of Pixar, Target and elected representatives we could envision a kid thinking, “I enjoy their movies/like shopping there/live in their state.” It’s hard to imagine a kid looking at the red sock in her parent’s high-efficiency front load washer and thinking, “I’m like that red sock. You get me, Whirlpool Corporation. Please God tell me that I won’t be lost in the spin cycle of life.”

Who knows. Inspiration comes from unlikely sources, perhaps even from corporations that produce water heaters and trash compacters.