Now Out: College-Buddy Hookups, Berlin Hustlers And Kevin Smith’s Red State

Red State
($27.98 DVD, $29.99 Blu-ray, Lionsgate)
When three horny college boys are kidnapped by Amos Tobin (Michael Parks) and his band of homophobic and homicidal religious fundamentalists, any hope for rescue lies in a Waco-esque standoff involving trigger-happy federal agents led by John Goodman.

Writer/director/bear icon Kevin Smith expertly skewers Fred Phelps and his “God Hates Fags” Westboro Baptist Church in this pitch-black satire/horror flick. While Red State is occasionally gruesome and bleak, the homophobes do get their well-deserved bloody comeuppance. Okay Kevin, we officially forgive you for Cop Out.


NEXT: Straight dude goes gay and gay dude goes nuts in The One


The One
($16.99, TLA Releasing)

Like a bi-curious male version of Bridesmaids, The One sees a pair of old college friends—engaged “straight” hunk Daniel (Jon Prescott) and openly gay Tommy (Ian Novick)—throwing their lives into disarray after a ill-conceived hookup. Will Daniel still marry his fiancée, Jen? Will Tommy give up the ghost and start chasing available gay guys instead? Can you please put the popcorn in the microwave before we watch this cuddled up on the couch?

NEXT: In a Glass Cage serves up pedophile Nazis, homoeroticism and vengeance. Bon appetit!


In a Glass Cage
($34.98 Blu-ray, Cult Epics)
Director Augusti Villaronga’s atmospheric, disturbing Spanish art-house horror classic from 1987 finally receives a pristine Blu-Ray release. A mysterious young man shows up to tend to Klaus, a paralyzed Nazi in an iron lung. What follows is a nasty queer revenge drama with Hitchcockian set pieces, skin-crawling child murders and an awesome performance by Almodovar favorite Marisa Paredes as the Nazi’s unfortunate wife.

Granted it’s not the best choice for a first-date movie, but its an often-overlooked gem.


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Rent Boys
($24.99, Breaking Glass Pictures)

Groundbreaking German queer filmmaker Rosa Von Praunheim turns his lens on Berlin’s infamous hustlers—mostly Eastern European gay-for-pay types who fled broken homes—and the train station and bars that they haunt. Happily, no STDs are included in the bonus features.