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  • James

    Who cares of they stay together? We want Rodiney and Reichen to keep whatever diseases they have to themselves. We all know they don’t use condoms.

  • Devon

    I was shocked to see Austin’s fat ass could move that quick.

  • Cam

    I love how Reichen keeps saying that all this is Rodiney’s fault because Rodiney knew he had texted all that stuff and pretended he didn’t so he set Reichen up to get busted…

    Um….yeah, Reichen, lets try this out…

    You robbed a store, but the whole mess was REALLY the police’s fault, because they pretended they didn’t have security footage of you robbing the place so you lied and said you didn’t do it, and then they BUSTED you for it.

    Yeah, thats all everybody else’s fault.

  • professor Moriarty

    Ok, this commentary is HILARIOUS. I’m definitely on Rodiney’s side as well, and Mike Ruiz is so out of place on this show.

  • auntydoxie

    Is it just me or does Rodiney sound like Arnold Schwarzenegger?

  • Jeff

    I stopped watching. Just read your commentaru now. Its soooo much better and way more entertaining. Keep up the good work!

  • scott ny'er

    @professor Moriarty: I don’t know how any sane person couldn’t be Team Rodiney. IF some “friend” just attacked my BF, I wouldn’t have been so calm. Maybe it’s Reichen’s military training. But I would have been yelling at Austin and maybe hitting back.

    And all of sudden the Twink-Twins like Austin and find this behavior “masculine”. Yet, I”m sure if it was aimed at them or one of their friends-of-the-moment, they would have said he’s unfit for society and behaved like a Neanderthal.

    Hate Austin and am coming around to Ryan’s way of thinking. And actually think Ryan has some common sense. I just wish they showed more of Rodiney, less TJ/Dereck/Austin.

    Man, if I was Rodiney, i would have NOTHING to do with those people. I guess his contract stipulates something differently.

    And how does Austin have money if he doesn’t work?

  • Mike

    The best part was during the sidebar when Rodiney did his imitation of Austin telling him “I think…I think…”

  • Mark

    I watched about 10 minutes of this show until my partner came in, asked me if I had fallen and hit my head, turned the television off and insisted I take a shower.

  • ousslander

    @scott ny’er: it’s called prostitution.

    I watch and love to hate on em. Reichen is a total dbagand he deserves the rest of the crew. I’m on the fence with Ryan. Rodiney shold not be throwing drinks, if he can’t defend himself.

  • Austin (not that Austin)

    Notice how everyone puts the show down, refuses to watch, calls everybody trash; yet knows all the names and what they’ve said and done every week.
    Personally I’m on team Rodiney, with Austin a distant second.
    I loved Austin’s assesment of Derek – “Bitter Queen, will die alone.”

  • scott ny'er

    @ousslander: Agreed. Rodiney shouldn’t have thrown the drink. And I did want him to kick Austin’s ass if he did start it.

  • BjBien1010

    I dont understand the hate for this show.

    I know gay men who act similar to the men on this show so the show isn’t damaging. It is also a REALITY series. How the FUCK can anyone take it seriously or as truth?

    I think the creators are pretty brilliant. They’ve created a show that makes the participants believe they are showing off to the world how ELITE their lives are when the reality is the whole world is watching the show just to see how awful everyone on it is.

    Many more enjoy it simply because they can hate these “barely human beings” and feel good about themselves.


    @BjBien1010: 100% Co-Sign………..I watched like maybe 10 minutes of the first show and after almost puking hearing about how oh so very fabuuuuliss these asshats think their lives are, could not take it any more and changed the channel for ever more…………..

  • lester

    the trip to Maine seems like a really particularly terrible idea. I can’t wait!

  • rrr


    Austin provoked Rodiney into throwing the drink then used it as a lame excuse to violently attack him. Austin was trying to start a fight and he used his weight advantage against Rodiney.

    Rodiney could have called the cops on Austin or sued him. Austin assaulted him, it wasn’t self defence, they have it on video, and Rodiney’s face is vital to his livelihood.

  • brandon

    @rrr: haha you just made me laugh with that comment.

  • Werner Z.

    Wow, this play-by-play is as heartless and bitchy as the show. Funny, to be sure, but sadly cynical. Appositely enough. I was curious to see if anyone else out there was moved by Reichen and Rodiney’s rapprochement–they are human beings, after all, even if they are gay. Not a hint so far.

    Hank Stuever in the WashingtonPost asks why homosexual men are so often cruel to one another. It’s not the first time I’ve heard that question posed. And that troubles me, as homosexual. Not too much has changed since “Boys in the Band”, it seems. There is still a vociferous majority incapable of loving and a few who are to remind us why we root for “the gays” rather than recommending exorcism.

    Maybe if the show were about 40-somethings there would be more compassion. But would we watch it? Young people can be pretty cruel. Not incidentally, pretty unhappy too. But it get’s better, all you A-list fags out there! Sometimes the spirit must first be brought low first. The producers are counting on the spectacle being bankable. It only barely is, thanks to Rodiney and Reichen, who by some miracle are able to wear their hearts on their shirt sleeves ON CAMERA!

    In the meantime Austin, TJ and Derek wallow in the filth of their heartless narcissism and cringe at the sight of a love that, while troubled and desperate to survive, is more real than anything they’re capable of experiencing.

    Derek and Austin bonding in their shared envy beautifully illustrates the principle: “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”. Which is as close as those two sworn image-fags are gonna get to amity.

    Concerned as I was for Rodiney, I felt kind of bad for Austin too, who clearly sees Reichen as the ultimate trophy. Still, it’s hard to pity someone so militantly envious. His vindictive verbal offensive a low point in the series–which is saying quite a lot, given the sordid nature of the antics instigated for our viewing pleasure. Here are two men who, for the time being, are choosing love over hatred, intimacy over estrangement, and suddenly they find themselves confronting pure evil at the hands of ostensible friends. Call me naive, but I was shocked by the failure of empathy. Maybe I am just a sucker. But hats off to the directors–you got me this time. I forgot to be cynical.

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