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  • Ryan

    This Live-Blog is the only reason I hope that show gets a second season…oh, and Mike Ruiz of course…and shots of Rodiney shirtless.

  • spider_orchid

    I kind of hate Queerty because you guys DEFINITELY got me into this. Anyway, WTF at them all hating Rodiney! Is this real life????

  • tonyd

    Rodney is the slow kid in class everyone teases when the teacher turns her back and when he tries to defend himself, he does it wrong. Reichen is the worst boyfriend and when Rodney wises up, Reichen plays victim too, like he did no wrong, and his stories change in his favor each time he tells them. Rodney, being the simple mind, runs through the same mind games over and over, eventually he will wise up or Reichen will get bored and tell him he’s a dumb ass for never getting a clue with the old line, “It’s not you. It’s me…”

  • Vman455

    @spider_orchid: Real life? Ha ha ha ha! No, this is “reality television”–big difference.

  • Devon

    I wonder if the producers told Mike Ruiz what this show really was before he signed on, or if they convinced him it was going to be a “classy hour of television, following the daily lives of some of New York City’s classiest, gay, artistically-minded connoisseurs of class” and now he watches along with the rest of us in horror, seeing what he really signed up for…

  • FarleyNY

    “Wise old mop” is pretty good. Do you think Mike does his hair like a mop as some sort of disguise, planning a witness-relocation-program headshaving makeover after the show wraps so that no human being will ever recognize him from the show?

  • scott ny'er

    The play-by-play was pretty funny this week. Much better than last week. So kudos to Daniel.

    I’m glad these is only one episode left. If there were more episodes I doubt I would watch it anymore. It’s just too ridiculous. And I can’t tell what’s scripted or not. What I do know is if Austin makes trouble wherever he goes, why invite him to a retreat? A peaceful, calm retreat. And how could you choose between your BF that you’re trying to make your relationship work with and your “friends?”

    If I was Rodiney, I too, would never go anywhere near Austin. And if my BF was like ur going to hold that against me if I go, I’d say, “damn straight, I would.” Reichen is jacked up. As is Austin, Derreck, Ryan and TJ. Oooooh, Rodiney threw ad drink. Austin was being a douche and instigating. And TJ and Derreck then added fuel. It was mean girls/bully session. They are really effed up people and it’s not even funny anymore. They are just disgusting. Like Omarosa.

  • rrr

    @tonyd: Rodiney isn’t stupid, especially in comparison to the rest of these guys. He gets dismissed as that because of his strong accent, imperfect english, straightforwardness and cultural emotionality. He’s vulnerable and in a bad position. He’s a heart on his sleeve latin, he’s new to the country, he’s one of the few nice people in a cast of snakes and assholes, and he unfortunately fell hard for a manipulative narcissist.

  • Cam

    So wait, Rodiney was all ready to move back to Miami and leave Reichen alone, and Reichen cries and begs him to come back, and yet now is saying he has no feelings for him, but can’t break up because Rodiney could talk badly about him and ruin his Career.

    Reichen, a few words…

    1. You were broken up, he was back in Miami and you cried and begged him to come back.

    2. NOTHING that Rodiney could say would make you look worse than you are making yourself look in this show.

    3. You aren’t a politician, you are a former reality show contestent desperately stretching out your 15 min. of fame….exactly what career do you have that some gossip from an ex could hurt?

    4. Could the producers make their phony plot twiest seem less phony? One week everybody hates Austin, the next week they all won’t go on a trip unless Austin comes?

  • spider_orchid

    @Vman455: *sigh* That was a reference to a youtube video in which a little boy high on meds from the dentist asks his dad “is this real life” because he’s tripping balls. I understand that this is reality tv. :l


    @spider_orchid: Even little David, tripping his junior balls off would be able to comprehend how phony, shallow, and vapid those douchefags and their “fabulous” lives are……. :p

  • Kieran

    We HATE this show!! WE HATE IT HATE IT HATE IT!!!! (That’s why we insist on watching it every week and wouldn’t miss it) LOL

  • scott ny'er

    @Cam: points 2 and 3 are GREAT!

    RE: point 4, ha! Even Austin pointed that out to the viewing public. That show is really effed up. I can’t believe I watched it (mainly Rodiney and to make fun of). I need to get a life. I do think Rodiney is great and hope it’s not just reality tv that portrayed him this way and left out his negatives.

  • FarleyNY

    Weeks into this, why are people here still respectfully using proper Christian names with these cartoon characters?

    Come on, get creative and nail them. Someone already read “the obese model” – what about the rest? The albino hairdresser? The touchy Brazilian midget? The snaggletoothed oompa loompa? The spraytanned spinster? Kindhearted Auntie M? And last but not least, Lance Bass’ ex. Who are we forgetting here? Get to work!

  • Devon


    Fatty, Whitey, Lonely, Horny, Slutty, Dopey, and Mike.

  • FarleyNY


    HA! I lost it at WHITEY! You made my night. OK, my list next, two syllables each, seven mental midgets:

    Fatty, Whitey, Bimbo, Ginger, Old Maid, Dopey, and Mike.

  • Ronbo

    Is there anyone here who doesn’t want Rodiney? I mean… doesn’t want to hold him close and kiss his boo boo’s? The rest of the cast deserves to sleep with Austin. Let’s hope their sores don’t come back with the stress of the new season.

    And f**k you for calling him short. 5’9″ is average. Average!!!

  • FarleyNY


    I didn’t call him short, I was just suggesting he broaden his job search a little – like dwarf in the Radio City Christmas Spectacular.

  • Aaron in Honolulu


    Why is he commonly labeled as slow and stupid? He barely speaks English and he’s new to New York. I’d bet you’d look fucking stupid trying to speak Portuguese as a second language while moving to San Paulo for your boyfriend.

  • FarleyNY

    @Aaron in Honolulu:

    Yeah, you’re right, I’d look stupid too if I tried to move to São Paulo and support myself as a fashion model.

    Rodiney’s a supersweet guy and a dreamboat in undies and body oil, but how many agents have to say “short” to his face on national TV before it sinks in? If he wants to support himself on his looks he’s gonna have to log onto Rentboy. And that’s the ultimate Rodiney vs, Austin conflict – Austin gives it away. And Rodiney’s having none of that.

  • rrr

    @FarleyNY: He’s had one guy say he’s slightly too short for high fashion modeling in New York. That’s only one area of the modeling profession, and he was a working model elsewhere.

    I don’t think Austin gives it away. Marc Jacobs and the older british “fiance”? No UK work visa but apparently still managed to live there for so long after becoming too big of a disaster to model?

  • FarleyNY


    LOL – yes I agree Rodiney’s adorable and [email protected] – but no he’s not a model. Seen his calendar? His head looks a pretty beach ball injected with saline attached to a hot body. The proportions don’t work.

    “That’s only one area of the modeling profession” gets us right back to Rentboy and other forms of parts modeling, and saying “he was a working model elsewhere” is like saying “I was a doctor in Turkmenistan before I got this job driving a taxi in Manhattan.”

    Rodiney and Austin clearly have superior bone structures – but it takes more than a hot ass, new teeth and a pulse to call yourself a model. They should just stop using the “m” word and I’ll stop rolling my eyes.

  • rrr

    @FarleyNY: Reichen has had plastic surgery to produce his looks. Check out an old picture of him.

    Rodiney has been a working model in LA and Miami, not just in foreign countries. He doesn’t have to stay in New York and he can do other modeling besides high fashion like catalog work. His proportions are fine on the show. It looks like he bulked up with some more muscle more for the calendar, that’s adjustable. Prostitution isn’t a sector of modeling. Your analogy doesn’t work. Your argument is actually analogous to “this doctor doesn’t qualify to be a neurosurgeon so instead of working as something in the same field he can qualify for like a GP he should forget about it all and resign himself to driving a cab”.

  • mk

    Rodiney is already signed to some NY agency. He said so in an interview.

    He’s gaymous now so he has extra options. Austin is making money from bars appearances and Reichen (who has no charisma or talent) has been making money off the back of his own reality fame for years.

    The show has been a great advertisement to potential sugar daddies too. He has no need for rentboy.

  • FarleyNY

    Gotta get back to my work as a brain surgeon – there is apparently a huge demand in LA and Miami. Underwear-model brain surgeon, that is – I’m 5’9″ and can’t wear samples you see. Or maybe I can bring my own brain surgeon wardrobe, like Whitey’s hair extensions model. I guess that’s how modeling works – Armani or Diesel or Honda or International Male hires you, and if the clothes don’t fit you wear your own clothes. Wait, sorry, I promised to stop rolling my eyes. This is reality TV so if the cute sweet guy says he’s astronaut, he’s an astronaut. With a big head.

  • mk

    The modeling agency measured him on the show as 5’10.5″ not 5’9″.

    Half an inch of height doesn’t matter for the underwear and bathing suit stuff he’s been doing.

    You can work in a field without being near the top of it or with the most prestigious company. Most people do. And even if it doesn’t work out rentboy is hardly the only option for an attractive likeable gaymous man.

  • Dave

    I like Rodiney. He’s a sexy Brazilan.

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