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Now would probably be a good time for Cameo star Rudy Giuliani to delete his Twitter account

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Given his current legal and financial troubles, one would think someone in Rudy Giuliani’s situation might spend their time laying low while trying to figure out how to avoid spending the rest of their life in prison.

Instead, the former mayor of New York City is on Twitter ranting about how President Biden’s brain function is preventing him from performing his presidential duties.

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Yesterday at 6:52 a.m., Giuliani attacked Biden on Twitter for his “daily demonstrations of worsening cognitive impairment” amid the Taliban’s swift takeover of Afghanistan.

“The catastrophe in Afghanistan makes Biden’s inability to make correct decisions about foreign policy no longer a joke,” the 76-year-old tweeted. “Combined with almost daily demonstrations of worsening cognitive impairment, this national security problem can no longer be covered-up.”

Giuliani is reportedly broke after becoming ensnared in several lawsuits and a federal investigation into his alleged illegal dealings with Ukraine. To cover the cost of his mounting legal expenses, he has begun selling personalized video greetings on Cameo.

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Last week, a federal judge ruled that a billion-dollar defamation lawsuit filed against Giuliani by Dominion Voting Systems can move forward after Giuliani, who has his law license suspended back in June, unsuccessfully tried having the case thrown out.

Here’s how people reacted to Giuliani’s “cognitive impairment” remark…

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