Make America Gay Again

Now QAnon thinks the COVID-19 vaccine will make you gay

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Proving once again that they’ve never seen a boneheaded conspiracy theory they didn’t like, the folks over at QAnon have joined with a Muslim cleric and Jewish rabbi in making the baseless claim that the COVID-19 vaccine will turn people gay.

We wish.

Reporter Shayan Sardarizadeh combed the social media website Telegram to uncover new claims by QAnon theorists that people are not actually born gay, but are “turned” gay through vaccination. (Tell that to the millions of LGBTQ historical figures who lived before the days of inoculation.)

Sardarizadeh shared screenshots of the claims on Twitter.

“Let’s assume [being queer is] genetic for a minute. Since homosexuals by and large don’t procreate their own children, their own genetics typically are not passed forward,” one poster wrote. “Since that is against the continuation of life, then homosexuality can’t be a dominant gene, it must be recessive.”

“I have many homosexual friends that have said they have known they were different SINCE THEY WERE LITTLE KIDS,” the post continues. “When is your earliest memory? 4 years old? You’ve already received 50 vaccines by then in 2020. Truly if it were genetic then the rate should be decreasing, but it’s increasing, indicating something in their environment is pushing it that direction.”

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The poster in question apparently doesn’t realize that a 50-year-old gay person who claims to have known he was gay his entire life would have had nowhere near that many vaccines at a young age. He also doesn’t seem to realize that countless LGBTQ people have biological children, and have throughout history. Being gay is not “against the continuation of life.” But nevermind.

Another post shared by Sardarizadeh endorses the claims of Abbas Tabrizian, the aforementioned Iran-based Muslim cleric spreading theories linking the COVID vaccine to homosexuality.

“IMO he’s not far off,” a QAnon poster said, sharing a link to Tabrizian’s claims. “This is why we have gender confusion among our youth. Research how they put in hormones and alter DNA with their vaccines. Then pump our kids full of 50+ vaccines from birth!”

According to Sardarizadeh, the two Telegram “channels” he cites in his post have more than 180,000 followers, and 56,000 followers.

Experts, including Dr. Anthony Fauci, continue to cite a combination of preventative methods including mass vaccination and masks as the only way to end the COVID-19 pandemic. In the United States, just under 45 million people have been vaccinated so far. To reach herd immunity–the point where the pandemic would officially end–80% of the nation’s population will need the vaccine, which translates to roughly 261 million people.