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Now That The Gays Can Visit Their Dying Partners, Won’t They Give Up Fighting For Gay Marriage?

Even though Barack Obama has done something pretty great in forcing Medicare and Medicaid-partnered hospitals to grant visitation rights to same-sex partners, he’s still got his critics. Including us! But ya know who’s not (entirely) picking a fight with Obama over this move? Gay marriage opponents.

Sure, the gays can claim Obama’s move is really just another piecemeal approach to LGBT equality. That because he really can’t guarantee DADT will be repealed, and that even ENDA remains on shaky ground, he wants to do something to tie over the gays until the mid-term elections. And that because the enormous health care bill he signed skipped out on LGBT provisions (like eliminating the tax disparity for same-sex partners receiving health insurance from an employer; or providing early HIV treatments for low-income patients; or eliminating this very type of visitation discrimination), he’s trying to do something to make good on it.

But what they can’t claim is that Obama has neglected their needs inside the corridors of America’s health care facilities. And now that they will soon have the right to visit their ill and terminal loved ones? They can give up on pushing for gay marriage! Oh, how we’re loving this argument from Dave Poff (pictured) –who’s been attracting the attention of Media Matterson Red State:

Umm…people? Remember the basis of the complaint amongst Gays and Lesbians, and whatever other non-heterosexuals that are out there, when they were arguing that they should be granted the right to marry? Their defense was that a lack of “married” in their relationship status was forcing them to be denied the very things Obama just gave them by Presidential fiat.

I’ve argued for years that, since the non-heteros out there felt they were being discriminated against because of their sexual proclivities and believed they should be entitled to access to hospitals, dying beds, powers of attorney, rights of survivorship, etc. that perhaps we should just give them those things and leave the sanctity of marriage and its relationship with God (who teaches us these non-hetero behaviors are unnatural, unacceptable, and not allowed) out of it.

They get to access dying partners, engage in their medical processes, and survive them (and get their stuff when they’re dead). In exchange, they leave the whole “husband and wife” and “what God has brought together let no man put asunder” thing alone. Well…Obama has done just that.

Can we put all this “anyone should be able to marry anyone” nonsense behind us now, and get back to guys and girls getting married so they can make babies? And let the “everyone else” crowd just get on with the business of doing whatever it is that they do?

Thank you Mr. President for completely destroying the fundamental argument for Gay marriage…sometimes you make me smile.

Yeah! Marriage war totally over now!