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  • clark

    Mother of God!!

  • unclemike

    Wow, that certainly doesn’t look heavily photoshopped. At all.

  • red phone

    Isn’t the punchline of the ad supposed to be that there is a tube sock stuffing his briefs?

  • alan brickman

    awesome!! don’t be jealous…..

  • Hilarious

    I know it’s fake, but I kinda want some socks. Only if they’re hand delivered by him of course.

  • Jack E. Jett

    What ever is in those underwear……I want in my mouth..

    Dick or Socks…I don’t care.

    Sadly the entire photo looks fake.

  • richardporter

    I’ll be brief.

  • Charles

    The joke is that he stuffed his briefs with the socks.

    Theoretically, the ad people didn’t think they actually NEEDED to spell out the joke in a punchline… Apparently, they overestimated people’s subtlety.

  • Alexander

    From now I’ll wear 3 socks daily…

  • Couldn´t Care Less

    Not really into guys with long hair..I like my guys masculine

  • jimmy

    is it really WESC???
    where are my hipsters at?

  • Fitz

    I can only imagine how dangerous I would be if I had that body for 7 days. There would be a whole bunch of men sitting on donuts, I can tell you that much!!!

  • Alexander A.

    Hot ad, and it really is subtle enough to be effective, but damn, he almost looks metallic with all that photoshop! I mean, what, is this Colossus’s skinny little brother?

  • alan brickman

    some queens are sounding jealous….

  • Aaron

    @alan brickman: What is it with you and jealousy??? Are you retarded? So many of your comments are jealous this and jealous that! It’s beginning to look like you’re the one with jealousy or rather envy issues. I can picture you as a 500-pound, lonely, miserable old fart.

  • Giovannidude

    There may be even more subtlety going on here, as I always thought that “tubesock” was a code word for foreskin…

  • Vancouver Greg

    I thought they basically renamed the briefs they were selling “tube socks” so the ad meant that the underwear was a “sock” for your “tube”!

    Made me laugh and my tube appreciated the graphic too!

  • Arkano18

    I can’t believe that most of comments are of people who DIDN’T get the subtlety(?) of the ad.

  • Michael

    Travis Fimmel is back.

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