Now This Is Interesting

Could this dog be the cutest thing in the world? If not, it’s a close fucking second. And, to think, people are still fighting in the Middle East. We need to take this dog on a world tour and clean up some of those messes.

Thanks BWE! We now have ten minutes of guaranteed happiness – a new record!

(Even if it’s not real, have a little imagination.)

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  • rock

    Ok..the little dog is totally cute and adorable..what kind of breed is he and where do we get his brothers from….simply cuddly adorable…send him on a world tour to bring smiles and happiness to all….(just don’t send him with Paris Hilton…please save him from that:)

  • Bryan

    OH. MY. GOD. Now that is just the cutest thing EVER.

  • thatguyfromboston

    how much is that little doggie in the window?

  • nycstudman

    My dog is cuter. But everyone says that.

  • Allen

    Aw!!!! He’s a cutie!! :D

  • HL

    I love how this dog is a peace offering. People getting angry and arguing.

    Then it’s like, “Ahwwwww doggie!”

    I’d totally sell my kidney to have him.

  • stonerboy711

    umm, the pet shop owner said that she has bred over 1,000 chihuahuas. Sounds like a puppy mill to me. What happens to the puppies that aren’t sold to pet guardians? They get sold to labs to be tortured. Not so cute anymore! Don’t buy a pet at a pet store, only adopt rescue animals. Go to petfinder dot com and keep your hands blood free!!!!!!

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