He's On Fire

NPH Extends 15 Minutes of Fame to 25 Years and Counting

How more in love with NPH can I possibly fall? The unstoppable Neil Patrick Harris not only stars on one of the country’s most popular sitcoms. He also deliciously lampooned himself in the memorable Harold & Kumar movies, sang and danced his heart out on Glee and is one of the most popular guest hosts on Live with Regis & Kelly. Now it’s announced that he’ll return to host this year’s Tony Awards (Sunday, June 12). He’s clearly the award shows’ go-to guy, having stolen the show last year and rocked the Emmys, too.

All that, and he’s cute as hell, has a hot partner in actor David Burtka, and manages to juggle everything while raising two adorable cute kiddies.






Scott Wallis is co-host of the weekly GayCities-sponsored Swish Edition comedy & interview talk show. He would totally leave his boyfriend for a chance with NPH. There, he said it.

Photo from CBS.