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NPH Extends 15 Minutes of Fame to 25 Years and Counting

How more in love with NPH can I possibly fall? The unstoppable Neil Patrick Harris not only stars on one of the country’s most popular sitcoms. He also deliciously lampooned himself in the memorable Harold & Kumar movies, sang and danced his heart out on Glee and is one of the most popular guest hosts on Live with Regis & Kelly. Now it’s announced that he’ll return to host this year’s Tony Awards (Sunday, June 12). He’s clearly the award shows’ go-to guy, having stolen the show last year and rocked the Emmys, too.

All that, and he’s cute as hell, has a hot partner in actor David Burtka, and manages to juggle everything while raising two adorable cute kiddies.






Scott Wallis is co-host of the weekly GayCities-sponsored Swish Edition comedy & interview talk show. He would totally leave his boyfriend for a chance with NPH. There, he said it.

Photo from CBS.

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  • Craiger

    Hmmm – things aren’t all rosey at home and not as sweet as most would imagine.

  • Lefty

    He’s still just Doogie Howser in the UK>…

  • Benjamin

    I guess he’s done pretty well considering his average looks and talent.

  • mm

    Love him. He proves that even if you are gay, you can have a great career. Neil and David are good role models.

  • Meowzer

    Love NPH!!

  • Rowan


    It’s a combination of him, his publicist-the infamous Simon Halls Bomer’s hubby-,manager and his agent. Remember, actors are a product that are managed by a team.

    I would say so far his publcist and agent deserve a raise but NPH also of course gets mucho kudos.

    Of course he has had it easier then others; he was already a name, arguably had his time in the spot light with Dougie Howser and was already an established character in a popular show where he is part of an ensemble-not the lead, so it’s not weighing on his shoulders-BUT he could’ve stalled. He didn’t. He and his team took this chance and made it into a + 100 publicity positive.

    So very well played all round.

  • Rowan


    Lol and we gave them Cheryl Cole!

    I don’t think he really cares about the UK market. We have Jordan! The Beckhams!

  • Michael in Toronto

    Love NPH. If I were his agent, my next move would be to get the lad a strong dramatic role. He can do anything.

  • CRM

    Yes Halls is a pr genius and won the marriage lottery of life…

  • Cam

    I know that outing is still “Controversial”….but if NPH hadn’t been outed, I have a feeling he wouldn’t be quite so popular today.

    And don’t even get me started with Lance Bass, if he hadn’t been outed he would be working as a greeter at Morton’s Steakhouse in Vegas.

  • David Ehrenstein

    @Craiger: Ah I see the “new” Queerty isn’t so new after all. The “old” Queerty was full of such “insider exclusives” about the Harris-Burtkas.

    Get a life, dear. You need one BAD.

  • Lefty

    @Rowan: And Kate Middlebum!

  • ohplease

    You can’t be “outed” if, like Harris and Bass, you’re never “in”. They both lived openly gay lives in public before confirming that, yes, those were their boyfriends that they were photographed with in all those gay venues. For that matter, I saw Harris enter a pizza restaurant in NYC twelve years ago and literally the second he walked in the door with his friends I said, “I didn’t know Doogie Howser is gay”. Something can only be a secret if you actually try to keep it a secret.

  • George412

    Not a fan. After MOTHER ends its run I don’t think we will hear much about him.

  • Craiger

    @George412: So true except for hosting gigs and cartoon movies.

  • Craiger

    @David Ehrenstein: As do you. So true, especially since you are back ‘dear’ – what did you do with yourself during the queerty intermission? Their issues are no secret.

  • la

    Craiger – You speak like you know them – something I doubt you do.

    I doubt that they have any large problems in their relationship. I guess it is with them, like the rest of us who are in a LT relationship, you meet challenges and solve them together, some periods are very good and others not so good. That’s life.

    I think they seem like a lovely family with two adorable children and they look happy together.

  • David Ehrenstein

    @la: All the more reason for the likes of Craiger to attack them.

    Some people just can’t stand the sight of happiness.

  • Cam

    @ohplease: said..

    “You can’t be “outed” if, like Harris and Bass, you’re never “in”.”

    You’re a liar. If he was so “Out” then why would he give an “Exclusive” to PEOPLE Magazine announcing that he is gay? Same with Lance Bass…kinda hard to get a cover story on PEOPLE Magazine,announcing you’re gay if you were already out isn’t it?

    They may have dated people but the press didn’t print the pictures, or if they did the other person wasn’t referenced, was referred to as the boyfriend of some random girl in the shot, or labeled “A Friend”.

    The same with Rosie O’Donnell, at the same time she was playing the role of super mom, raising all her kids alone and talking about being in love with Tom Cruise, she was hiding a wife at home in plain site.

    I like NPH, but to say he was “Out” before is a rewrite of history and just ridiculous.

  • gregger

    @Cam: Well if you want to categorize his being out as when he trumpeted it in the magazines and on tv in 2006, okay. I and a shit load of others knew he was openly gay in 2001. For me, I kept running into him in the Chelsea neighborhood of NYC with his arm around another boy or in Duane Reade with another boy buying condoms and lube. He didn’t seem “in the closet” then or to anyone who worked with him. There are varying degrees of out, at the time that I’m speaking of he was of no concern to anyone.

    Lance Bass was a different story. He was comfortable going to bars until the media would show up, both in NYC and inl FL. He’d hide as soon as the cameras came out. That’s in the closet.

  • Scott B

    A stars decision on how to live his or her life is their own. Glad they don’t listen to douches from the hinterland hiding on blogs demanding that they come out publicly. Type away making narrow minded judgements and demands, but no one in their position really cares, as it should be.

  • Jeffree

    I think he’s talented, and almosyt as sure he’s a wonderful guy, blah yeah blah, but why do the left side and right sides of his face look like they’re going separate directions? It’s like the facial version of a civil war:

    Left side of mouth to right side: “I’m traveling north, so you go south… And I’m taking the dimples with me !”

    Right eyebrow to left eyebrow: “Just do SOMETHING and I’m gonna do the exact opposite…So THERE!”

    . . . .
    {now you see what the end of the semester does to me. Not pretty!}. . .

  • Cam

    @gregger: said…

    “@Cam: Well if you want to categorize his being out as when he trumpeted it in the magazines and on tv in 2006, okay. I and a shit load of others knew he was openly gay in 2001.”

    That is true, YOU knew he was out. When I’m saying “Out”, I mean out in such a way that when he does an interview, there is no avoidence by the interviewer of the “Are you dating anybody” questions.

    I think where he is now is fantastic, he is out, the world knows it, he is a great rep for the community to the “Straights” out there who love his show, they have two cute babies etc… I just think that his coming out publiclly has been great for his career. As for Bass, he had no career left until he came out…now he gets to be a professional gay. ;)

  • gregger

    @Cam: okay cool.

  • Dick

    He just got very good reviews in a production of Company at Lincoln Center. He’s been doing Broadway and Off Broadway musicals for years.

  • Athena

    Oh, wow. Is NPH gay/bi? I didn’t know that… Well, you learn something new every day, I suppose. :)

    (Speaking of How I Met Your Mother, I started watching because I noticed Aliyson Hannigan/Willow, from Buffy. Huh.)

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