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Nutty YouTube pastor warns LGBTQ people will make COVID vaccines fail

Shane Vaughn.

Meet Shane Vaughn, a pastor at First Harvest Ministries. In a recent YouTube sermon, Vaughn blamed the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic on America’s acceptance of LGBTQ people. He also asserted that vaccines against the virus will fail until the nation repents for its “sodomy.”

“I’m going to tell you what God told me to tell you,” Vaughn ranted in his sermon. “They’ve got variants coming that ain’t no vaccine going to work for. This nation is under the judgment of God. And I want to tell you something right now: They’re already admitting that the vaccine is alarmingly not working. Alarmingly! They’re alarmed at what they’re seeing. Do you know why? Because America, you’re making a huge mistake.”

Right Wing Watch further reports that Vaughn, predictably, did not provide any evidence to support his claims that the vaccine against COVID-19 has failed. Data released by the CDC and American hospitals show that while “breakthrough” infections are possible in vaccinated people (especially when exposed to unvaccinated carriers), the COVID-19 vaccine is overwhelmingly effective at preventing serious or deadly illness.

In his sermon, Vaughn attacked Americans for seeking medical help during the pandemic, mocking the concept of booster shots designed to keep immune systems sharp at combatting the virus.

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“You’re running, where’s the next vaccine? Can I get another one? Can I get that second shot? The third one? Does anybody got the fourth? I need a fifth one, please,” he said. “Why would you go begging [doctors] for their help? They have nothing that’s gonna help my judgment that is coming upon this nation. The only help for the child of God in this hour is the shed blood of the Lord Jesus Christ, Yeshua the Messiah.”

And, of course, Vaughn had to take a moment to blame queer people for the virus.

“You better learn that — and you better learn it fast — or you’re gonna chase vaccines until there ain’t no vaccines left. I don’t care if you got one. Go for it. God bless you if that’s your choice,” Vaughn spewed. “But I’m telling you if that’s where your faith is, you’re going to be in for a big disappointment. God is going to force you to look to him. These vaccines are gonna quit working on every corner until this nation falls to her knees and repents for dead babies and repents for the sodomy of this nation.”

This isn’t the first time Vaughn has attacked science as anti-Christian. Earlier this month, he delivered a sermon claiming belief in climate change isn’t a Christian value, and that belief in the phenomenon is a religion unto itself.

Vaughn also isn’t the first right-wing loon to blame LGBTQ folks for COVID-19. Last summer, Tennessee-based evangelist Perry Stone blamed gays for the pandemic just prior to resigning his post on the basis of sexual misconduct. Other religious leaders, including an Orthodox Rabbi and a Muslim cleric, have also claimed the COVID-19 vaccine will turn people gay.