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NY Assembly Passes Gay Nups

New York’s same-sex marriage debate’s in overdrive. Just hours after the Judiciary Committee advanced Governor Eliot Spitzer‘s marriage equality bill, the State Assembly passed it 85-61 after a three hour debate.

While many spoke of the bill’s positive political effects, Republican Assemblyman Brian Kolb told his colleagues, “I do feel threatened. I do feel harmed. It’s a direct challenge to me and how I was brought up.” He must not understand that whole “time’s change” thing…

Following the long day of legal wrangling, openly gay Democrat Matthew Titone took the floor, held his cellphone high and said, “I have my partner here on the phone and he just asked me to marry him.” Supportive as ever, the Assembly cheered. The cheering may soon come to an end, however.

The bill now heads to the Republican controlled Senate, where it’s expected to stall. Speaking to reporters yesterday, Senator majority leader Joseph Bruno insisted, “We not doing gay marriage by Thursday that’s for sure, or this year.” The Senate wraps up its legislative year on Thursday, which means the bill will gather dust over the summer.

In addition to Spitzer’s support, the bill’s put forth by Rosie O’Donnell’s brother, Democrat Daniel O’Donnell. Hearing of Bruno’s resistance, O’Donnell simply said, “I’m hopeful he can be educated.”