Terms Undisclosed, But Lucrative Enough To Cancel Discrimination Complaint

NY Gay Lawsuit Settled

Some gay legal drama came to a close yesterday when prestigious law firm Sullivan & Cromwell settled a discrimination suit. Former employee Aaron Charney filed the complaint earlier this year and accused his colleagues of not only discriminating against him, but ignoring repeated complaints:

In his lawsuit, Mr. Charney accused members of the firm of demanding he be terminated for carrying on an “unnatural” gay relationship with another Sullivan & Cromwell associate; Mr. Charney denied the relationship. The suit also contended that after he filed a formal internal complaint, members of the firm suggested that he move to a foreign office and then fabricated reviews to accuse him of overbilling clients, among other things

Sullivan, which denied his allegations, responded in February with a suit of its own accusing Mr. Charney of repeatedly and deliberately revealing confidential information about the firm and its clients as part of his legal fight.

Rather than drag through a trial, the parties agreed to settle. Those terms, of course, remain confidential. We’re thinking a few million probably did the trick.