NY Gays Are Way Hard (Up)

We wanted a little Style, but we got a headache, instead. The kids over at Stylelist discovered this wholly unsexy, perplexing and somewhat disconcerting sex ad down in Soho. And, really, it’s too genius not to pass along.

“Hear Boys Talk”? Um, are people really so desperate that they’ll call in to hear some “soft chat”. What does that even mean? Politics and shit? Do you discuss how much you miss The Comeback or your favorite ice cream or how to get drool stains out of your pillow? That’s what relationships are for, not sex lines.

If we’re going to spend our hard earned dough on a Chatty Cathy, we want them to be the nastiest fucks on the planet. We want them to say things that make us blush, cringe, vibrate and, more importantly, ejaculate.

(And, yes, Stylelist, we think the peg leg thing’s weird, too.)

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