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NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo Hosting Smoke-Filled Backroom Meeting With Homosexual Lobbyists

Today New York’s Gov. Andrew Cuomo is holding a marriage pow-wow with leading professional activists to figure out how they can push a gay marriage bill through the legislature and onto his desk. Among the attendees: lawmakers Daniel O’Donnell (brother to Rosie) and Tom Duane (wonderful screamer); City Council Speaker Christine Quinn (always right); Ross Levi, executive director of the Empire State Pride Agenda (who took the job out of the hands of our next guest); Brian Ellner, head of HRC’s New York marriage effort (ironic for a federally-focused hacktivist group); Richard Socarides, executive director of Equality Matters and the man who helped Bill Clinton defend his DOMA signature. Not on the list: Marriage Equality New York. Guess who’s bitter!