NY High Schoolers Stand Up To Homophobia With Purple “Love Is Love” Sweatshirts

Over at Long Island’s Great Neck South High School, a model Gay-Straight Alliance is standing up against homophobia today with a “Wear Purple Day” event.

Meher Zaman, an 11th grader at the school—and an out lesbian—is leading the charge.

“Students are standing in solidarity and uniting against homophobia at our high school by wearing purple,” she says. “We will also be handing out wristbands to people and culminating awareness against homophobia by speaking to other students about such issues in health classrooms.”

The color purple is also used on Spirit Day, October 20, to commemorate LGBT kids who have committed suicide.

Zaman says her group created the sweatshirts to help brand their cause and sold them in the school’s lobby several weeks ago for $15 each. “We want to create an environment of comfort for all students regardless of sexual orientation by promoting not merely tolerance but true acceptance.”

If only more adults could be as open-minded and more GSA as outspoken as this.

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  • CHIP1218

    Not my alma mater, but as a fellow North Shore of Nassau County high school graduate I am really proud of what you guys accomplished!!! I’m sure the folks of LIGALY and the new Long Island-wide PFLAG are real proud of you too!

    To those not familiar with Long Island, this progressive attitude is prevalent in many neighborhoods but not all, there are plenty of high schools (I think there are around 200 high schools on Long Island) where this could never happen, the kids would either feel too uncomfortable to try this type of event or the administrators and/or board of education would do everything possible to prevent it from happening.

  • Robert Stillwagon

    This is adorable and so refreshing to see students who are so open and supportive in HS. Now..where do i get one of those sweatshirts?

  • Meher Zaman

    Thanks for the kind compliments Chip1218. We still have a lot of awareness to bring to GNSHS but we are very fortunate to have so many faculty, teachers, and administration be supportive for an event like this. I decided to come out a year ago and I’m so glad I made that decision because GNSHS has so much potential to become more proactive in LGBTQIA issues.

    Thanks again Robert. The Gay-Straight Alliance at GNSHS worked on this design together and we created these shirts. You can purchase one here at:

  • Chris S.

    Interesting… I always had a conflicted view of Great Neck people. I went to NYU so I met a lot of Great Neckers. Many were terrible human beings, a few were the nicest people I’ve ever met in my life. . . very polarizing.

  • JayKay

    A little Bieber-esque aren’t they?

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