NY Judge Wants To Peek Up Trannie’s Shorts

Apparently it’s okay to change your name from “Sarah” to “Barbara” in the state of New York, but if you want to change it to “Evan” without “medical evidence,” then you’ve got a problem. This is what happened to transgender man Evan Rockefeller (formerly Sarah Rockefeller) of Rochester, NY. Mr. Rockefeller declined to say whether or not he had undergone reconstructive surgery, and the judge reacted by saying that transgender name changes without medical evidence
“would be fraught with danger of deception and confusion and contrary to the public interest.”

The NY State court system isn’t doing so well lately. After upholding its backwards position on gay marriage a couple weeks ago, now it fails to understand even the basic concept of what it means to be transgendered and that it really doesn’t matter what is between your legs.

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