“NY Post” Draws on Homo Expertise

Two cartoons in a row? Are we mad? Well, yes, yes we are, but that’s beside the point. The point is that we found this over at Gawker and figured you’d want to see it. It’s the comic from today’s New York Post, the leader in slanted, irresistibly offensive news owned by the grandfather of bigotry, Rupert Murdoch.

As the Gawks point out, not one stereotypical stone’s gone unturned:

We’re not sure which hand-drawn gay stereotype is our favorite: there are so many to choose from! Village People reference? Check! Umbrella drink? Check! Limp wrists? Check! AIDS ribbon? Check! Light loafers? You’d better believe it! He even gets a hamster in there (note the cage behind McGreevey)! Still, even with this cornucopia of homophobia, we’re going to have to give the nod to what’s going on in the bedroom, where a teddy bear holds what appears to be a big black dildo. You’ve got to hand it to Sean; he knows it’s an accumulation of small details that really brings the bigotry to life.

Whatever, we think it’s one of the best things we’ve ever seen. Who doesn’t like a little homophobia early in the morning, especially in illustrated form? Plus, the cartoon McGreevey’s right – Foley and his ghostwriters could make a bundle. He should take the advice, because we sense he’s going to have to pay a lot of lawyers.