battle ready

NY Sen. Ruben Diaz: Bring On The Gay Attacks!

New York Sen. Ruben Diaz says he isn’t afraid of the attack Fight Back NY is launching against him. Instead, he’s welcoming it.

“The people of my district are very smart people they aren’t going to change senators from one who brings them housing and resources for a person who is just going to bring them gay marriage,” he says in response to FBNY naming him as its newest target. “It’s stupid. What they doing is making me stronger and I love it. They make me stronger, they should keep on doing it.”

And there in lies the rub: Diaz is already a powerful lawmaker, with other Democrats kowtowing to his every whim despite him often giving little (read: party conformity) in return. And he’s well liked within his district, ’cause, he admits, he brings ’em pork! Which means the battle isn’t just to convince his constituents they need to replace Diaz, but with whom.