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NY Sen. Ruben Diaz’s Crazypants Argument Why He’s Blameless in Gay Marriage Fight

You have to wonder if New York State Sen. Ruben Diaz if even remotely cognizant, because the fictional storyline he’s pushing above, about how it’s Mayor Michael Bloomberg who kept gay marriage from New York, is rooted in one giant piece of misinformation: It’s Diaz who’s to blame.

Bloomberg, who’s after a controversial third straight mayoral term, is only playing nice with LGBTs now because he needs their vote, Diaz claims. Which is, to an extent, true — but anyone running for NYC mayor wants the gay vote. But as we’ve previously reported:

From City Hall, Bloomberg has been demanding marriage equality, he’s supported counting same-sex couples in the U.S. census, and he’s used whatever political clout he has to lobby Albany to meet Gov. David Paterson’s demand for same-sex marriage in New York. He also reluctantly backed a legal challenge to same-sex marriages with a severe “but”: If courts ruled against it, he would lobby state legislators to change the law. Which he’s doing.

But what makes Diaz’s statement about Bloomberg — and his attempt to get the city’s queers to start criticizing Bloomberg — all the more incredulous is the part where the senator forgets to mention how he’s spent his political tenure ensuring New York’s gays don’t get marriage. He’s used the issue as a power bargaining chip, has rallied religious communities to back his anti-marriage stance, and turned the race to secure 32 Senate votes to pass marriage legislation into a witch hunt. It’s why marriage equality supporters were strategizing how to get around Diaz in the first place.

“I think that the gay community should be angry at Mayor Bloomberg and don’t support him,” says Ruben. “Because, if they are not getting married it is not because of Sen. Ruben Diaz, it is because Michael Bloomberg stopped you from getting married. Don’t get angry at me. Get angry at Mayor Bloomberg.”

And we thought Diaz was proud of advocating discrimination?

This man is a crazy person. All the more so because it’s Bloomberg, not Diaz, who just gave an update on the state of gay marriage in New York: No chance of it happening right now, but he’s working with Republican senators to make things happen. (It helps that with his vast hoards of cash, Bloomberg wields enormous campaign influence.)