NY Sen. Ruben Diaz’s Vote Against GENDA All But Assures Fight Back NY Is Coming For Him

The New York State Senate’s Judiciary Committee today voted down GENDA, Sen. Tom Duane’s bill that would’ve made all public accommodations — including restrooms, health clubs, dorm rooms, and even shelters — open to individuals who identify as a certain gender, even if their biological sex doesn’t match the facilities’ mandates, allowing a MTF transgender person to use the lady’s toilet or find refuge at a women-only domestic violence shelter. The bill was defeated by one lawmaker in a 11-12 vote. Among those voting no: Sen. Ruben Diaz, the proud homophobe who helped defeat the state’s gay marriage law. Diaz, who talks publicly about his two gay brothers, was the only Democrat to vote against GENDA; Sen. George Maziarz, a Republican, previously said he would support the bill but voted against it.