NY State Comptroller Closet Case Mystery!

We don’t know how we missed this piece from Sunday’s NY Post, but we did. Sorry. Anyway, as you may or may not know, New York’s scandal-prone Comptroller Alan Hevesi will not be having another go at managing the Empire State’s dough – dough he’s pleaded to guilty to pilfering for his wife’s personal errands. With his ouster, officials have started interviewing possible candidates. Of the numerous candidates, there’s apparently a Democratic-affiliated closet cocksucker. One Democrat tells Page Six:

Though they would appoint an openly gay candidate, they worry about someone in the closet. After the Hevesi fiasco, they want honesty, and worry about the pressures involved for a statewide official to remain in the closet.

So, super sleuths, know any potentially gay Democrats shooting for comptroller? We have an idea, but we want to hear what you kids think, first.

(PS: Isn’t the closet scary?)