NY State Sen. Ruben Diaz Has Gay Marriage Litmus Test

A group of conservative New York State Democratic Senators, dubbed the “Gang of Four” are threatening to withhold support for Sen. Malcolm Smith as Senate Leader unless a clear signal is sent that no gay marriage legislation will be allowed to get to the floor of the legislature.  In a statement released on word that one of the “gangs” members, Sen.-elect Hiram Monserrate had decided to support Smith, Sen. Ruben Diaz of the Bronx said:

“If Senator-elect Hiram Monserrate has made a decision in Puerto Rico to endorse Senator Malcolm Smith, that is his decision. I have not made a decision yet and hope the others have not either. I have not committed myself to anybody, and my position as an ordained minister and a pastor will not allow e to support any would-be leader that will bring gay marriage to the Senate floor.

“This is nothing new. Mr. Smith and all my colleagues have known my position for more than a year. That does not make me a Republican. Where is it written that in order to be a Democrat you have to suport gay marriage? And where is it written that if you do not support gay marriage you are not a good Democrat? I have always been a Democrat. I remain a Democrat, and I will continue to be a Democrat. A Democrat who rejects gay marriage and abortion based upon my beliefs.”

Sen. Carl Kruger of Brooklyn and Sen.-elect Pedro Espada of the Bronx are the other two members of the group.