NY State Sen. To Consider Strong Anti-Discrimination Protections For Transgender People

With the passage of legislation containing anti-discrimination protections for transgender people through the New York State Assembly last week, it’s not up to the state Senate to finally get the law passed. It’s passed the House five times but never been taken up in the Senate.

As the legislative session dies down, Empire State Pride Agenda has made the bill’s passage the main cry behind their annual rally today.

Said its chief sponsor, Sen. Daniel Squadron (D-Manhattan) to the AP: “I believe the votes are there. The challenge is getting a vote in the Senate. Folks are going to support expanded equal rights if they’re forced to be on the record. It seems to be a core civil rights issue.”

Let’s hope Democrats finally push this matter, and that Republicans cross the aisle—New York was the sixth state to legalize gay marriage but already 16 states have legalized trans-protecting measures similar to this.