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‘NY Times’ Takes On NJ’s Gay Unions

The New York Times editorial crew sure has been opinionated lately – and gay. In addition to taking on the ever-complicated ENDA, the paper’s journos offered their thoughts on New Jersey’s “flawed” civil unions:

It is hardly a surprise that New Jersey’s civil union law is not working very well. During the past several weeks, dozens of same-sex couples have testified that the law has not provided the equal benefits that were promised when it passed.

Now, the special commission that heard the testimony has made it official: the civil union law has been a “failure.” Frank Vespa-Papaleo, who is chairman of the commission as well as the state’s director of civil rights, said the law is not as effective “as if the word ‘marriage’ were used.”

The obvious conclusion is that the Legislature should give same sex-couples the right to marry.

Ah, yes, but that would be too easy and politicians have a severe allergy to expediency. Except, of course, when it comes to fucking people…