“Psychologist” Claims Drag Queens & Trans Women ‘Dragging’ Down Black Women

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According to a recent article on Eden Decoded, entitled ‘The ‘Dragging’ Down of the Black Woman’s Image’, a biotheological “psychologist” by the name of Nya Major believes that black women are being dragged down by drag queens and transgender women. (The word psychologist is used loosely to describe her actual “expertise”: see below)

In the article Nya claims that “more and more Black Women [are] choosing to look like men in drag aka transgender women…. From the fake yaki hair, to the fake bat wing lashes, to the mounds of over-the-top eye & face makeup, to the clownish platform heels, to the over-exaggerated facial expressions and mannerisms.” From there she poses the question, “When did black women stop looking like women?”

Nya believes that “Gay men have cleverly fed into [Black Women’s] insecurities, all the while they coordinated a collective effort to level the playing field so that there’s physically no superficial difference between transgender women and Black Women.”

To help get her point across, Nya uses a photo three black women at the end of the article, two who are reality TV celebrities and one of transgender adult film entertainer TS Madison.

TS Madison, who was recently made aware of the article, shared her thoughts in a response video (watch below).

In the video, TS reads Nya’s article and responds to the part that says “…men in drag aka transgender women…” by clarifying the situation, “Now first of all b*tch, you already done made a mistake, honey, by saying transgender women and drag queens’ the same thing, honey, because they are not. I’m gonna let the girls eat your ass up about that….”

TS Madison’s full video response to Nya Major:

Is Nya Really an Expert: What is Biotheological Psychology?

In Nya’s biography, at the end of the article, she claims to be an expert in “Biotheological Psychology”. Seeing as we have never heard of this area of psychology, we took some time to look into what this means. Here’s what we found…

According to TheFreeDictionary.com (the only source for information on this topic aside from Wikipedia), ‘biotheology’ is “The study of the interface between neural and spiritual/religious phenomena, for which there is virtually no valid data in peer-reviewed literature. The field of neurotheology is regarded by mainstream researchers as pseudoscientific.”

So, basically, Nya’s “biotheological psychology” expertise comes from her relationship with God. We’ll leave it at that and let you decide whether Nya is actually an expert. In the mean time, while you’re deciding, watch this recent video of drag queen Mama Tits’ response to anti-gay Christian protestors at Seattle Pride.