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NYC Activist Alan Bounville Swears Off Starbucks Until Gillibrand Adds Gays To Civil Rights Act

Remember back in May, when Dan Choi embarked on a hunger strike until President Obama put an end to the Pentagon’s DADT review, ended discharges, and added a non-discrimination policy into military code? The president did none of those things, but Choi returned to eating processed foods. Now here comes Alan Bounville, a 34-year-old activist in New York, who has stopped eating until Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand files a bill to add LGBTS to the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

Yes, just file — not even work to pass it.

Bounville has been spending the past month outside Gillibrand’s campaign offices at 15 W. 26th St. (With Tuesday’s election, isn’t her campaign over?), where he’s trying to get one of the most LGBT-friendly senators ever to add queers to federal anti-discrimination laws. Now stationed at an undisclosed location, Bounville says the only thing he’s going to let doctors do — should his body start failing — is hydrate him.

“This is something that needs to happen now,” says Bounville of the bill. Well, yeah, if Gillibrand ever wants to see him enjoy a hamburger again.

Bounville, who apparently did not vote on Tuesday, says he wouldn’t vote for Gillibrand anyhow.

Stay well buddy.