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NYC Activist Alan Bounville Swears Off Starbucks Until Gillibrand Adds Gays To Civil Rights Act

Remember back in May, when Dan Choi embarked on a hunger strike until President Obama put an end to the Pentagon’s DADT review, ended discharges, and added a non-discrimination policy into military code? The president did none of those things, but Choi returned to eating processed foods. Now here comes Alan Bounville, a 34-year-old activist in New York, who has stopped eating until Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand files a bill to add LGBTS to the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

Yes, just file — not even work to pass it.

Bounville has been spending the past month outside Gillibrand’s campaign offices at 15 W. 26th St. (With Tuesday’s election, isn’t her campaign over?), where he’s trying to get one of the most LGBT-friendly senators ever to add queers to federal anti-discrimination laws. Now stationed at an undisclosed location, Bounville says the only thing he’s going to let doctors do — should his body start failing — is hydrate him.

“This is something that needs to happen now,” says Bounville of the bill. Well, yeah, if Gillibrand ever wants to see him enjoy a hamburger again.

Bounville, who apparently did not vote on Tuesday, says he wouldn’t vote for Gillibrand anyhow.

Stay well buddy.

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  • Andrew

    As a New Yorker and also a former congressional constituent of Senator Gillibrand let me say this: I am very proud to have her as our Senator and while I am very upset with the Democratic party, Gillibrand is one person I voted proudly for.

    These kinds of tactics only make us look like loons.

  • Red Meat

    I hope this gets overblown by the media but it probably wont.

  • Timmy

    This is why more and more people keep seeing GLBT people as fucking queers. This is even dumber than Dan Choi’s suicide by starvation stunt.

    What a useless jerk-off.

  • PwrBttm

    Ah, another one of Get Equal’s founding members.

    Their political tone-deafness is quite astonishing. The Republicans just take over the House, split the Senate essentially, and their focus is Senator Gillibrand?

    Why do they extend no pressure on Republicans? I mean this at least would make some sense if this targeted Bone-head our new Speaker of the House and his non-support of ENDA.

    The political winds shifted dramatically this week and you’re hunger striking Gillibrand?

    Simply stunning.

  • Red Meat

    He said he hates those who like us but don’t keep their promises more than bigots because they at least tell you straight forward. So I have sympathy for the guy, but yeah in the end his frustration is blinding him from the real enemy.

  • Lunatic Activists

    This is why people think we are “freaks.” Please ignore this attention-whore. This is very “GetEqual” idiocy that just makes people cringe and avoid us. These stunts just make us look like we’re mentally ill and are the highlight of our last year of effort. The crazies have taken over the GLBT movement. Lucky us.

  • Sam

    Gillibrand is the only Dem I voted for this year, specifically because she is a shining example about where the rest of them should be on LGBT rights. Why would anyone target her?

  • Lunatic Activists

    @Sam: Because this guy is a queer idiot. After he smokes his next joint he’ll be off the hunger strike in a New York second.

  • Choi was first

    Ugh. This is embarrassing. No wonder people laugh at us. Dan Choi’s suicide attempt was 5 days. Alan Loonville might last a week. Is GetEqual paying for this stunt? This guy is part of that group, right?

  • Dan Choi

    He already quit. What a PUSSY!

  • Jenny2

    Ugh. Not more of this crap. Please stop.

  • The Ones

    Oh wow. Democratic apologists insulting someone with courage to do something. Not surprising.

  • DramaQueenNYC

    No Alan is a founding member of Queer Rising

  • Tony

    No amount of legislation can make people like or respect each other..The Truth

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