NYC Firefighter Attacks Trans Girlfriend; NY Post Kicks Her While She’s Down

New York fireman Taylor Murphy was previously known as the hunky stud who posed as Mr. March in the 2011 NYC Firefighter calendar.

Now he’s better known for abusing his trans girlfriend, Claudia Charriez, who had previously made it into the semifinals on America’s Next Top Model.

After an incident at Midtown strip club Flashdancers, Murphy, 28, attacked Charriez in a jealous rage, shattering her cell phone and dragging her down the street by her hair.  “He pinned me into a telephone booth and strangled me, then let go and started crying,” says Charriez, who broke free and ran home—only to find Murphy waiting for her there. According to police, he attacked her again—punching, biting, kicking and choking her until she ran for safety. “I told him to leave and that I didn’t want to see him again,” she said. “It set him off, and he slammed me into the bed and strangled me again with so much force.”

As if the violent assault wasn’t enough, Charriez got assaulted again on Friday—this time in print. In reporting the story, the New York Post referred to her as Murphy’s “transsexual ‘gal’ pal” in a story bearing the headline “Fireman busted after violently ‘beating’ tranny pal.”

Those “ironic” quotation marks are theirs, by the way. Because obviously choking and kicking isn’t really “beating” someone if the victim is transgender. The Daily News, however, handled the story in a more straightfoward manner.

Not surprisingly, GLAAD issued a tepid reprimand to Rupert Murdoch’s favorite birdcage liner. But we don’t think that’s nearly enough. Someone ought to get those ticked-off trannies with knives to march over to the News Corp offices on 40th Street.