Saddle Up

NYC Gay Bar Flaming Saddles Lands Reality Series


According to the New York Post, Flaming Saddles had secured a deal for a new reality series. The Hell’s Kitchen bar, which is famous for its country and western theme, has attracted the likes of Anderson Cooper and Jesse Tyler Ferguson among it’s numerous patrons. The straight couple, Jacqui Squatriglia and Chris Barnes, who owns and manages the bar are likely to be the center of the series. Squatriglia was a chorographer for Coyote Ugly, which not only became the focus a Tyra Banks film but its own reality show on Country Music Television.

The bar was in the news recently for getting shut down due when it failed to pass a health inspector’s test. But it quickly reopened.

The real question is, will anyone watch it? The A-List failed to keep viewers entertained and is there really that much drama that goes into line-dancing on top of a bar?