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NYC Gay Pride Revelers Are Going to Ruin Street Landscaping Projects

Do you even know what a “wicket” is? If not, you’re going to have a hard time sympathizing with the residents of West 9th Street in New York City, who aren’t pleased the gay pride march is headed down its street to destroy the landscaping.

With NYC budget cuts forcing all public street parades to shorten, Heritage of Pride’s NYC parade has been cut by a mile. That means organizers had to re-route the event (Disclosure: Queerty is sponsoring it) to make sure it still ends down by Christopher Street, where the Stonewall riots. So they’ve pushed its starting point down from 52nd Street to 36th Street. And instead of normally heading west on West 8th Street, and it’s now going to take over West 9th. And the West 9th Street Block Association ain’t happy:

We have just learned that the Gay Pride Parade route on June 27th has been changed this year to come down West 9th Street instead of the commercial block of 8th Street as in past years.

President Patty Brundage has been on the phone with the 6th Precinct, the parade organizers, and many others to express our outrage at a major parade coming down our residential street. Most importantly, we have just spent $10,000 to plant our wickets, plus several thousand more to replace wickets and trees, and all this new work and the trees and flowers will be threatened by thousands of spectators crowding the block.

They won’t be “threatened.” They will be trampled. By hot guys like this one!

It’s almost certain, unless the NYPD plans on outfitting each wicket with a cop in riot gear.

So, uh, what’s a wicket? I’m still not certain, though I’m pretty sure the West 9th Street Block Association isn’t using the cricket sporting reference. Which leaves, uh, this:

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