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NYC LGBT Center Replaces Tiny Burned Flag With Building-Sized Cape

Here’s something we didn’t know about the burned rainbow flag in front of the NYC’s LGBT Center—it was a whopping 4 x 5 inches. That’s right, the vandal didn’t burn the large rainbow banner flying proudly above the Center’s doorway, they burned some 50-cent “made in China” flag a sheepish mom might carry at a PFLAG event. According to a volunteer, the vandal bought the flag, took a Bic took it, then slapped it on one of the Center’s outdoor display cases. Nonetheless, the Center’s replaced its tiny burn victim by draping their building in a 20-foot rainbow curtain that’s so big visitors have to maneuver around it just to enter.

After covering their building in the joyous shroud, the Center issued a statement decrying the 4×5 vandalism and is holding a musical gathering in a show of community solidarity. David, a volunteer who works at the Center said that the outcry against such a tiny flag being burned might seem outsized, but “it’s an opportunity to bring homophobia into the general view using the [small flag] as a vehicle, which I think is a positive thing.” But he adds that the huge flag can’t stay because its blocking all the windows.

I asked if the new flag was flame retardant. He had no idea.

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  • Kieran

    Wrong. I’ve seen the Gay pride flag flying high in front of the GLBT center, and it certainly was much larger than 5 by 4 inches.

  • @Schizophrenia

    are you sure you didn’t read the foot symbol (‘) as inches (“)? This sounds pretty improbable…

  • Daniel

    We are absolutely certain and have two interviews to back it up.

  • Steve

    This post is very troubling. How big does an act of hate have to be to push back against the hater?

    I was there yesterday and if you are going to try to have any semblance of integrity and accuracy you should do your research and know what you are talking about first.

    The flag curtain was part if the staging and not the flags that they unveiled. Two large flags were unfurled from the third story windows.

    More importantly, the young people who were the most upset that a place they look to for support and comfort was disrespected – no matter how big the flag was – had an opportunity to fight back.

    Grow up Queerty, you should know better.

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