NYC Man Wins Five-Year Battle To Change Sex On His Birth Cerificate

When we read David Hassan had finally gotten Lenox Hill Hospital in Manhattan to change his birth certificate from male to female female to male, we assumed he was a trans man who had scored a personal victory.

But as it turns out he was just correcting a typo from almost 30 years ago.

Hassan, who was born male, was accidentally listed as female on the birth certificate issued by Lenox Hill in 1983. Apparently nobody noticed (or cared) until Hassan tried to get a driver’s license in New Jersey in 2007. Even after presenting a letter from the hospital indicating Hassan was indeed in possession of an XY chromosome, he was flagged by the DMV and denied a license. They insisted he get a letter from the hospital admitting they made a mistake.

Have you ever gotten a medical professional to admit they made a mistake?

Finally, Hassan had to resort to requesting a court order to force Lenox Hill to do a mea culpa. With the hospital fearing bad press, it suddenly started taking Hassan’s calls and a spokesperson said they were in touch with the city and Hassan’s lawyer to resolve the matter.

That all sounds fine, except for a comment from Hassan’s lawyer, Peter Madison, expressing his disbelief that the bearded Iraq War veteran had to go through so many hoops: “Have you seen him?” said Madison, “He’s not the bearded lady from the circus.”

Right, because the only person trying to change the gender on their birth certificate besides someone in Mr. Hassan’s predicament would be a circus freak? Nice way to crap all over trans men and women who deal with an inordinate amount of bullshit trying to clarify their paperwork.

The government may have proof your client has a penis, Mr. Madison, but we just got verification you’re a total dick.

Photo: Stew Chambers