NYC Mayoral Hopeful Christine Quinn Knows Our Struggle, Says Dustin Lance Black

Picture 1Openly gay New York City mayoral candidate Christine Quinn may not be leading in the latest Quinnipiac poll, but when it comes to super celebrity endorsements, she’s totally unmatched.

Today, Oscar-winning screenwriter, director and producer Dustin Lance Black hopped on the Quinn caboose with a new video endorsement on Quinn’s campaign site. Unlike the famous supporters before him, Black appealed to the victims of discrimination, citing Quinn as the only leader with a track record of “proven effectiveness” when it comes to LGBT issues:

“Whenever you have someone who comes from a background, from a people who have been discriminated against, and you watch them do the hard work and have that steely resolve – that strength – to rise to the top and to prove herself effective, I think that’s inspiration to so many other people.

Not just people from the LGBT community, not just women, but any group that has ever been discriminated against. It says you can do it too, it says there is opportunity for you to rise to the top and to one day, like Christine, be the mayor of the greatest city in the country.”

He also referred to the recent string of anti-gay attacks plaguing the city’s streets in the wake of last year’s landmark marriage equality legislation. “Here is a woman who is going to be mayor saying ‘We’re going to make a home for you here, and we’re going to make sure you’re safe,'” he said.

He may be a few puns short of George Takei, but with a face like that, we can forgive him.