Super Spreader

NYC Repubs celebrate Christmas with maskless conga line

Unswayed by the more than 861,000 cases of COVID-19 in the state, the Whitestone Republican Club of New York City held its holiday party featuring a maskless conga line on December 9. Video of the event–including the identity of the organizer–has now gone viral on the internet.

No pun intended.

The party happened at Il Bacco, a restaurant that also happened to sue Gov. Andrew Cuomo in September over COVID dining restrictions designed to curb transmission of the virus. The woman behind the event:  Vickie Paladino, a far-right politician with her sights set on running for city council next year. Video of the event shows about 50 people in attendance, with Paladino leading a conga line that included former Republican Assembly candidate James Martinosky who carried a “Trump 2020” flag.

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“We held an intimate gathering observing all the COVID guidelines in place at the time,” Whitestone Republican Club spokesperson Robert Hornak told The Queens Eagle. “Every attendee was told to wear a mask, and everyone had one when entering, or was given one.” Hornak further stressed that the party adhered to COVID-19 guidelines, though the video does not show patrons–with one or two possible exceptions–wearing masks.

Vickie Paladino has yet to comment on the party since the release of the video. That hasn’t stopped users on Twitter from sharing their thoughts. Predictably, they’re not happy.

“WHEN you get sick from COVID because you ignored 10 months of evidence about a deadly pandemic and thought THIS PARTY was a good idea THEN stay your ass home and don’t come to the emergency room! Unbelievable!” said user CleavonMD.

“This way to Hades!” added Oscar-winning actress Patricia Arquette. 

“All their photos should be sent to ERs and ICU staff just so the medical professionals who are working tirelessly/under tremendous stress to save people will recognize the idiots whose reckless behavior is putting everyone’s lives at risk including medical personnel,” tweeted user MMSaysWearaDamnMask.

We have to agree. New York state reported more than 9,000 new cases of COVID-19 Monday (Dec. 21) alone. Furthermore, Governor Cuomo urged further caution and called for a travel ban from the UK following the discovery of a mutated strain of the virus which is even more contagious.