NYC Woos Gay Tourists

Apparently New York City’s looking for even more homos. The Big Apple just launched a $30 million queer tourism campaign, starting with Out magazine’s recent Out 100 issue.

Ads will also start appearing soon on gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender websites. The city says the demographic is key to the city’s tourism because it contains people who have a high level of discretionary income and an interest in travel.

Similar campaigns have worked in Philadelphia, Chicago and Phoenix. The move is another step in the city’s efforts to meet the mayor’s goal of bringing in 50 million tourists by the year 2015.

Mayor Bloomberg obviously doesn’t care about the mental health of this city’s resident, who have to fight through throngs of gawking shutterbugs on a daily basis. Thanks, Bloomie!

But, on the positive side, there’ll be more imported cock for those of you who have sucked up our supply. You know who you are…