Youth Getting Hit By Deadly Bug

NYC’s Gay HIV Rates Rocketing

Scary news for you New Yorkers:

Infection rates for the virus that causes AIDS rose over the past six years among gay men under 30, reported city health officials.

New diagnoses of the human immunodeficiency virus among gay men in that demographic increased by 33 percent during the past six years, from 374 in 2001 to 499 in 2006, said a report released Tuesday by the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.

Gay males aged 13 to 19 also saw an increase in HIV rates: from 41 new cases six years ago to 87 in 2006.

The majority of new cases were among black and Latino gay men; more than 90 percent of young gay men under age 20 diagnosed with HIV were from either group, the report said.

Of all five boroughs, only Staten Island escaped the deadly rise.