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NYC’s Homeless Queer Youth Already Have Almost Nowhere to Go. And It’ll Get Worse

Not only are New York City’s youth LGBT shelters being targeted by vandals, they’re the victims of something much worse: budget cuts. “Hundreds” of queer youth in the city are homeless because of their sexual orientation and gender identity, and further budget cuts, where the city is slashing funding for these shelters, will inevitably mean more LGBT youth cast out of their homes with nowhere to go. While yesterday’s demonstration in Union Square (pictured) was spurned by the vandalism attack on the Queens shelter, it was a also a rally for the harm inflicted against these youth at the government level.

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  • robert

    so sad. the homeless in our community are so often ignored, and this is just salt in the wound. human beings and their access to basic necessities should always be the priority. period.

  • Jimmi

    God, I remember when my best friend was thrown out of his house by his mom when she found out he was queer. He and his lover had to squat in an awful, run down building. The fixed it up and painted it some. He hadn’t even finished High School.

  • jason

    @Jimmi: my mom when i came out to her was just happy that i didnt get some gurl preggers. she now carries signs in pride parades that say “i love my gay son” which of course makes me kind of melt. I’m lucky to be her son………….

  • Syl


    God, Jason, you’re one of the lucku ones. How many of us are homeless because we came out to our parents, or are closeted and dealing with all the mental health and emotional issues which result for fear of being turned out on the streets, cut off financially, or disowned by parents if they come out as gay/bi/trans? Those who say “Oh, well queers are so rare! They’re a tiny portion of the population! They’re an anomaly, a tiny minority!” don’t take that into consideration!

  • scott ny'er

    @jason: yeah. that’s really cool of ur mom and I think ur pretty lucky.

  • Qjersey

    here’s the conundrum or irony. As Gay Marriage, DADT and ENDA have moved to the front of the line as far as publicity and fundraising, donations from “the community” to HIV/AIDS organizations and LGBT Youth Organizations have flat-lined or gone down at the same time federal and local funds for programs have dried up or been severely cut.

    GMHC is downsizing and moving to a smaller space with fewer services. Local LGBT groups in my state (NJ) are losing funding for their youth programs.

    Hey but you should see all those middle class white gay folks that pay 200 bucks a head at the “marriage equality” fundraiser or the mostly white party boys at the mini circuit party ($$$) in Asbury.

  • Dame Helga von ornstein

    This, on top of the closing of the only hospital where gay men and women could go and feel cared for by a loving staff, St. Vincents, makes me wonder what’s next.

    Slap whoever cheers for Emperor Bloomburg.

  • Cam


    Pitting groups against each other and trying to say that people who care about the fact that our federal govt. specifically discriminates against everybody, are selfish is the hieght of foolishness. It’s like saying that people shouldn’t have been fighting to get slavery outlawed, because that would take attention away from slaves who also had tuberculosis.

  • HiredGoons

    I’m lucky to have been completely accepted and embraced by my parents.

    I just quit my job and I’ve been thinking about volunteering here for a while as I figure out what I want to do.

    I think this just sealed the deal.

  • Dollie

    I’d have to say I agree with @Qjersey: !

    I do believe that marriage equality, DADT, ENDA, etc. are extremely important. Of course! However, QJersey speaks the truth! I say this so frequently that I am guilty of sounding like a broken record- I do not believe we should attempt to assimilate into a heteronormative society, but we should fight for our recognition and dignity. We invest so much in marriage and military rights, and that’s great. Talk about fighting for recognition and dignity! However, the community is so caught up in those issues, they seem to have forgotten that other pressing issues exist. And we cannot claim success without addressing them.
    Are these kids not worthy of this recognition and dignity? Are they not worth your Human Rights Campaign Gala ticket donation? So much is lost when a child loses (what is supposed to be) their primary support system. If you want to talk about “important LGBT issues,” let’s talk about those facing the young members of our community- the members that will continue our “battles” or more optimistically, enjoy the benefits we are currently winning.

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