NYC’s Irish Activist Tarlach MacNiallais Is Beaten for Dancing With Another Man


Speaking of violent injustices, know the name of Tarlach MacNiallais (pictured on right, in 1994), the Belfast activist behind the Irish Lesbian and Gay Organization, which fights to have gays included in NYC’s annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade. Over the weekend, MacNiallais was allegedly assaulted by two bouncers at the Guadalajara De Noche restaurant in Queens after they spotted him dancing with another man. “You can’t do that here, this is not a gay bar,” the bouncers said, according to MacNiallais, before they dragged him away, beat him and smashed a chair over his head. Yes, there’s “hate crime” written all over this.

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  • Sam

    I’m immediately placing the blame on all the Queens Senators who voted against marriage. Just like anti-gay violence going up in California after Prop 8, we see a gay bashing in Queens right after nearly every Queens Senator voted to deny us our rights.

  • Kevin F.

    There are going to be about 200 to 300 gay men dancing in this club every night from now on. They will line up at the door before the place opens preventing their regular clientèle from monopolizing the place and will each buy one water and dance all night. We’ll see how long the club can survive with that kind of restricted cash-flow. Also, if the owners decide to open a new place after they go out of business — we’ll be there every night.

    It’s called JUSTICE.

  • Jason R.

    Fight hard to get your city back New Yorkers….FIGHT HARD. You are losing NEW YORK….The BIRTH of our culture, to thugs. Plain and simple as day.

  • john

    why didn’t this 6’1 240lb man fight back? Why is it that gay men never fight back? An 85 year olf woman in a wheel chair wouldve faught back.

  • romeo

    John, we do fight back. But then there’s no story as far as the media is concerned. I once saw a drag queen throw a jerk through a windshield one night outside a bar. LOL We’re not such a bunch of pussies, but the media has a stake in portraying us as such.

    There is a difference, though, if a gay guy is all alone and attacked by a group.

  • McShane

    Kevin F. (above) has the right idea. Isn’t it odd for an Ulster activist (protestant) to want to Celebrate an Irish Holiday?

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