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NYC’s Jack Price ID’d His 2 Gay Bashers Before Entering a Coma

Though he’s still “clinging to life,” 49-year-old hate crime survivor Jack Price was able to identify the two men who allegedly attacked him in Queens on Friday. One suspect, Daniel Aleman, is already under arrest; police say Price’s other assailant is Daniel Rodriguez, who’s yet to be apprehended. The two men, facing hate crimes charges, allegedly beat Price while screaming anti-gay slurs. NYDN: “The wanted suspect allegedly boasted during the attack that his father is a city prison guard and would protect him from arrest.” Price was able to tell investigators what happened before losing consciousness; he remains hospitalized in a medically-induced coma.

UPDATE: Ugh. For better or worse, it was caught on tape.(We previously indicated Price “slipped into” a coma because of his severe injuries. Rather, doctors placed him into a coma to let his body heal.)

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