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Nyle Dimarco was offered a wheelchair at the airport because… he’s deaf?

Holiday travel can often lead to some rather awkward interactions between strangers.

Earlier this week, Nyle DiMarco says he was offered a wheelchair at the airport… for being deaf.

The incident happened while DiMarco was deplaning a Delta flight on Tuesday evening. That’s when an airline employee wheeled up a wheelchair for the tall, handsome, able-bodied top model.

DiMarco tweeted about the incident shortly after it happened, writing: “Not a clear video but apparently being deaf at an airport means I need a wheelchair.”

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I’m in my underwear because I forgot my swim suit ?

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Delta spokesman Morgan Durrant issued a statement apologizing for the mishap.

“Delta apologizes for a miscommunication that resulted in this customer being offered a wheelchair upon deplaning,” he said. “We are also working with our wheelchair service provider to investigate what occurred.”

Luckily, DiMarco was able to keep a sense of humor about things. In a followup tweet, he wrote: