Nyle DiMarco and his perfectly fuzzy body are ready to save you from certain doom

Nyle Dimarco models his birthday suit

Hey all you deep-end swimmers out there drifting ever further out towards the horizon — we see you.

And so does Nyle DiMarco, assuming he’s doing his job, that is.

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The 28-year-old winner of America’s Next Top Model recently made hearts (not to mention other body parts) flutter when he uploaded a lifeguard photo to Instagram.

We bet there are a lot of people out there who suddenly need saving:

Trying to Lifeguard but you make it hard

A post shared by Nyle DiMarco (@nyledimarco) on

“Trying to Lifeguard but you make it hard,” he wrote. If that means what we think it means, Nyle is cheekier than we ever thought.

When Nyle isn’t saving inexperienced swimmers and/or experienced swimmers pretending to be inexperienced swimmers, he can be found wearing all manner of other swimwear:

Will you be my beach? ?

A post shared by Nyle DiMarco (@nyledimarco) on

The best wave of your life is yet to come!! Always remember that :)

A post shared by Nyle DiMarco (@nyledimarco) on

Mexico, I LOVE YOU – Thank you @HotelMousai #MousaiMemories @howelltalentrelations

A post shared by Nyle DiMarco (@nyledimarco) on

And sometimes he even opts for the best suit of all — the birthday suit:

I need to save water and shower with someone ??? ?: @taylormillerphoto

A post shared by Nyle DiMarco (@nyledimarco) on

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  • Sam6969

    I am ready to being rescued, naked and screaming for help.

    PS: he REALLY IS cheeky and a total poser, but I can take it :)

  • Prax07

    No thanks, I’d rather drown. He always looks like he needs a good shower.

  • Eiswirth

    God God is that man beautiful!

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