Coppers Reportedly Homophobic, Evil

NYPD Gay Sues For Discrimination

There’s more trouble for New York’s finest. Less than a week after coppers filed a sexual harassment suit against their gay superior, another gay officer’s entering the judicial arena.

30-year old William Harrington alleges that the NYPD and its staffers discriminated against him after he came out. Of the drama, Harrington laments:

I always wanted to be a police officer, and I want to stay a police officer, but it’s very difficult to cope with what’s going on… “It’s a very difficult time.

Among the complaints, Harrington says a coworker suggested he wear a woman’s purse, while another regularly called him a “fucking faggot”. Another Greenwich Village-based flat foot reportedly said all gays should be shot.

Foul mouthed and homicidal? Yeah, that sounds like the NYPD.